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  • Do I qualify for bankruptcy?

    • Most everyone can qualify for bankruptcy, but selecting the correct chapter and making sure you've taken the right steps before and after your filing is essential. Your best bet is to contact us, set up a consultation so you can determine if filing is the right thing to do.   

  • How much does it cost?

    • Our fees are consistent with the complexity of your situation and decided on a case-by-case basis.  We promise to provide you with the care and attention that your case deserves - from start to finish. 

  • Will I ever get a credit card again?

    • Most folks see an increase in their credit score after they exit bankruptcy and will receive offers for credit within the first year.  Secured credit cards and other tools are available to help rebuild your credit immediately after you exit bankruptcy.

  • Will I lose all my things?

    • In most cases, no. But if you receive poor advice or make bad decisions prior to or during the case - innocent or not - you can end up in a very bad situation.  Having a competent and qualified lawyer is absolutely essential.  

  • I am married, does my spouse have to file?

    • No.  You may file individually even if you are married but you want to find out what your spouse could be on the hook for if you decide to file alone.  

  • Can I keep my home?

    • In many cases, yes.  You may keep your home in bankruptcy but only under certain circumstances.  The way your mortgage is treated in bankruptcy depends on the chapter you file and whether you're current on your payments.  The value of your home is also an important factor in the making this determination so be sure that you have this information handy.

  • Can I keep my car?       

    • Similar to a home, you can keep your car in many situations.  However you should think about whether keeping that car is in your best interest.  Are you paying too much on a car that's not worth anything close to the amount you owe? Certain bankruptcy cases can allow you to modify the terms of your car loan as well, including reducing the total balance and modifying the interest rate.

  • How long is the bankruptcy process?

    • If you file a Chapter 7 you're generally in-and-out of bankruptcy within 180 days.  Chapter 13 cases last for 3 to 5 years but most people don't have to return to court once their "plan" is confirmed. 

  • I am being sued by my credit card company, can bankruptcy stop it?  

    •  Generally yes.  Filing for bankruptcy will freeze all collection efforts, including lawsuits, wage garnishments, and other legal actions. If you receive anything threatening or commencing legal action, it is imperative that you contact a professional. 

  • I just received a foreclosure notice (Notice of Default or Notice of Trustee's Sale) from my home mortgage lender, can bankruptcy stop it?

    • Generally yes.  As mentioned above, the filing of your case freezes all collection efforts, including foreclosure sales and other legal actions being taken against your home.  If you have missed mortgage payments and want to catch up on them over time, bankruptcy may be a viable option, but the first step is to find out what your options are by setting up a free consultation.  

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How to Get Started

The first step is to contact us and set up your free consultation. Every situation is different and requires a personalized game plan to maximize your relief.  At your consult we will advise you of your options and let you know if bankruptcy is the right thing to do.  This is a serious decision and we are here to explain your rights and what you should expect throughout the proceedings. Consultations generally last 30 minutes to an hour an length, and they can be conducted in person or remotely. 

  • The bankruptcy process is complex and you need a professional who can make sure you're doing the right things, both before and after your case.  You need someone to explain the process coherently, and do so with compassion - Leyton Law is here to do just that, but the first step begins with you. 

                                   Contact us today.

  • If you're reading this there are probably some things hampering your ability to move forward with your life.  Whether you have debt from credit cards, medical bills, an old business, or are having difficulty paying your mortgage, you have options to get out from under this but acting before its too late is important.  Don't wait for your car to get repossessed or your bank accounts to be emptied.  Your creditors aren't waiting around for things to get better.   

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